Stay In Your Lane, Stay Focused & Never Let Anyone Else Drive

Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still – Chinese Proverb

This month we’d like to feature the work of one of our brilliantly talented ELITE TEAM graduates, Rachel Alvar. Rachel shared this piece with our New York Elite Team group and we thought it was extremely powerful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing Rachel!

It is very important to understand what you’re capable of, and it is imperative you embrace everything you’re able to offer—to always stay grounded and focused, never forgetting your roots and knowing that your roots are permanently stuck with you. Don’t complain about where you’ve came from, take where you’ve came from and make it better. Create your environment. Adapt to what’s at hand but still create your own environment. There’s a difference.

Take all your stresses and pressure and stick them in your piggy bank of “I’ll deserve something bigger later” and know that you will. Cry if you have to—it sucks but it feels good. Plants will not grow without water and the same goes for us. Sadness is growth. Sadness is a release of realization that the tomorrows can only be better. Let yourself cry. It’s OKAY. Savor every moment you can with yourself for small successes. Even if its being able to open a jar with a lid that can pass as being super glued on, savor that moment. “YES! I AM STRONG!!”.

The needing of another is only the voice in your head of comfort and security, because in reality no one needs anyone to live. No one. We only need ourselves and our being. Trust your secret powers whatever they may be, and if you don’t have any secret powers then you’re too busy relying on someone else to find it for you.

I believe there is a Power Ranger hidden underneath all of us, and a lot of people just don’t understand that. Become one with your Power Ranger self and live easy, breathe lighter. Let yourself fall so you can get back up. Without hurt, happiness will never be found anywhere. Expect to hurt. Winning isn’t everything. The fight is everything. If I, or you, or we won every battle, what would really be are reason of living? We can’t have it all. But there is definitely a way that we can have a little bit of everything in moderation.

Accept the No’s to get the Yes’s. Know that after Yes’s it probably will be No’s. Don’t set expectations. Never set expectations. Just visualize. Visualize it and work towards it and something out of nowhere will bring you where you need to be at that moment at which you visualized yourself in. Stay in your lane, stay focused, and never let anyone else drive. Ignore the spectators, because no one should care as much as you do. Just drive and know there are no roads to follow, you will make your own…

Peace & Thrive,

Chonique & Lisette
Creating Opps Team

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