• Do YOU want to make your BIGGEST DREAMS come true as a CHOREOGRAPHER?
  • Do YOU create movement all the time that you feel good about, but want to make it to a HIGHER LEVEL?
  • Do YOU want to make a living as a CHOREOGRAPHER or CREATIVE DIRECTOR and need the steps to get there?
  • Do YOU already TEACH CLASS, but want to be able to expand and not be known as just a class teacher?
  • Do YOU see yourself working with BIG NAMES in the INDUSTRY, but need both the CREATIVE and BUSINESS TOOLS to get going?
  • Do YOU watch endless videos on YOUTUBE, see people moving forward, then think … “I can do that!” ..?

If YOU do, join Lisette and Chonique for a two day choreography intensive…

The Experience includes exercises & discussions on…


  • How to develop your unique voice within your movement and make your choreography stand apart.


  • How to execute powerfully as a choreographer, associate choreographer, teacher or creative director, and learn how to navigate the difference between them all.

On The Job Technique

  • How to prepare for a specific gig, submission or casting.
  • Your role as a choreographer and a leader.
  • Communicating & delivering what the client needs on the spot.


  • Learn how to develop and execute your movement and vision uniquely through staging, creative direction, costume, lighting,  and crowd pleasers.

Professional Critique Session

  • Get hands-on feedback from special guest choreographers/ directors who have established a successful career in the industry and devoted their lives to this art and technique.

Choreographing for TV, Stage, Music Video & Film

  • Learning how to truly use the camera in your favor, work with directors, and use the scenery.
  • Develop strength and confidence in your ability to provide movement in any form in whatever medium.

Improv Choreography Workshop Experience

  • Learn how to work fast and think on your feet in this live demonstration involving variables and roadblocks.

This will be a hands on workshop experience. You will be asked to think outside the box, push yourself harder than you’re used to and use tools you never knew you had. There is limited space available.

Remember … Value your ART and CREATIVITY and people will value you!