Follow Your Bliss

“It’s simple… but it ain’t easy” – Carmit Bachar

This month is all about YOU! What is it that your heart truly desires right now? Auditioning for an agent? Achieving your dream job? Learning something new to inspire you? Taking a well-deserved vacation? Reconnecting with family and friends?

Whatever it is, what are you waiting for?

Following your bliss can be as simple as making an appointment with your agent to let him or her know your dreams and how you two, as a team, can bring them into reality. Taking a class for pure inspiration, such as art, yoga, or belly dancing, can inspire you in ways that you would never have seen otherwise. You can also surf the net to check out vacation spots, that you can one day soon, manifest into reality.

I, Chonique, actually did the last. I surfed the net for about a month, dreaming about being in Europe to have an artistic, adventurous vacation. And now I’m here! Who knows what this journey entails, but I am here to simply follow my bliss.

I encourage you to take the first step in following your bliss…today. It’s a powerful, freeing experience. Remember, everything takes action, but the reward is always a delightful surprise.

Peace & Thrive,

Chonique & Lisette

Creating Opps Team

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