Erin Marino

Name: Erin Marino
City: Los Angeles
Social Media Handles: @erinmarino

  1. What year did you complete the Creating Opps Elite Team? What City?
    Los Angeles 2015
  2. What inspired you to join and complete the Elite Team?
    Chonique and Lisette are two of the strongest women in our industry. Their careers have spanned decades and they have evolved throughout the years. They paved the way for us and created an outlet to help others reach their goals. Getting guidance and mentorship from people who are living proof sounded like a great opportunity!
  3. One adjective/ word to describe yourself:
  4. What’s one thing you’ve discovered about yourself through the Creating Opps program?
    The Debbie Reynolds Scholarship Program 🙂
  5. How do you continue to create your own opportunities?
    By continuing to study. I am constantly learning new things and training. I think it’s important to continue to take information in no matter how successful you become- that’s what keeps your energy and creativity fresh. That’s what leads to growth.
  6. What do you feel the dance is community is missing?
    Support. We are in a cut throat business, and people can be negative towards each other. There is a lot of judgement when it comes to successes and failures. It’s important to remember that we can all win. We can all be successful. We can all reach our goals. But we must be kind to ourselves and to each other first.
  7. What’s been your toughest struggle or roadblock in navigating your career and how did you overcome that?
    Stay patient. As long as you are putting the work in, what is meant for you and your life will manifest. And sometimes it doesn’t come in the package you were expecting- just go with the flow and trust.