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Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it - Unknown

Facebook and twitter has been flooded with messages regarding taking 2012 by the horns, and running fast and furiously in to the new year. Although that may sound thrilling to most, I’ve chosen to pause, relax, and ease in to the year with a slow and steady pace filled with gratitude and focus. This probably stems from having so many options to choose from, and it had become apparent I was afraid to make the “wrong choice” of what to focus on next.

A little birdie named Lisette Bustamante once told me, “Whatever you choose will be right”. Then it dawned on me: I will choose what I love-- both poetic and logical. I knew this was the right way to go because February is the month of love.

Choosing love is ALWAYS the answer. So I’ve spent this first part of the year writing a list of what I’ve always loved, possible new love interests, and things that I once loved but am ready to let go of and set free with love. The top of my love list includes talking, entertaining, and laughing until I cry.

I encourage you to make a list of things that tickle your fancy, new interests you’ve always been curious about, and old loves that no longer serve you. From there… well, you know what to do next. Remember… “Whatever you choose, will be right”.

Make a choice TODAY about something you’ve been conflicted with, stuck on or pondering over.

Love and Light,
Chonique Sneed
Creating Opps Team

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