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Creating Opportunities

Creating Opps "Elite Team" the Art of living your Dream!

Creating Opps has traveled around the states sharing information, tips, and tools, while using hands on techniques and exercises, to inspire the future of the Dance Community.

With the initial platform being Dance conventions such as Monsters of Hip Hop and  Hollywood Connection, Creating Opps decided to take it a step further, with a more intimate approach.

With So many questions after the convention and personal coaching requests, Creating Opps introduced the "Elite Team" 4 week curriculum.

An intimate setting where a select few will get hands on coaching and a transformation on how they see their lives and careers, in order to have a full breakthrough in their Dreams.

Seven very eclectic dancers & choreographers got a first hand dose of the power of the Creating Opps "Elite Team" Curriculum!

It has been one of the most empowering and inspiring months for us all.

With that said, let's have the "Elite Team" share their own experiences.

Please email at us info@creatingopps to apply for the next "Elite Team" Curriculum coming this summer.

Peace & thrive

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"If there's anything that I've learned from my experience with the Creating Opportunities Elite Team, it's that anything really IS possible. The seminar is insightful, challenging, and inspiring. Your dreams really are a lot closer than you think and you CAN make it come true. You CAN be successful, and you CAN do it by just being YOU. Joining the Elite Team was the best move I ever made for myself and my career. The Creating Opportunities Elite Team offered exceptional guidance, and equipped me with tools and exercises that facilitated my personal and career growth. I've developed some amazing friendships, and gained an invaluable team that supports me, keeps me accountable, and pushes me to achieve my goals. I am more grounded, more confident in who I am, and feel prepared to face the challenges of the entertainment industry. Anyone and everyone in the entertainment industry should take this workshop". Creating Opportunities goes deeper than just vocational training. It changes your life, your lifestyle, and most of all, you.

Niecey Chong

(Dancer, Web Designer, Future Dance School Owner)

"Creating Opportunities provides true support and structure in an industry where there is hardly any of either. The "Elite Team" has introduced powerful people and ideas that have, helped introduce me to the person that I want to become! The best part, however, is knowing that these people and ideas are going to stick with me for years to come... And as a result, the person I become, will keep getting better"!

Dana Wilson

(Choreographer,  Justin Timberlake Dancer)

"Being a part of the Creating Opps Elite Team has been an inspiring, enlightening process. Chonique and Lisette are untouchable mentors that have made this journey more than I could've asked for in a workshop."

Aimee Winston

(Dancer, Monsters Show cast member 07" Asst. to Choreographer Rhapsody James & Kevin Maher)

"Creating Opportunities has changed my life and shifted my career in ways I never imagined. Through mentorship, self-exploration and taking risks I now understand that there are no limits to what I can do... anything is possible! Chonique and Lisette's passion for this project has made it a HUGE success. As they would say, "You're much bigger than you think." Believe it!

Bijoya Das

(Monsters of Hip Hop Cast Member 2010, Gymnast, Bgirl,)

"Creating Opps Elite Team, has literally shattered the stereotype that success in the entertainment industry has to equate to compromising your integrity, value and sense of self.  Chonique and Lisette's philosophy is actually quite the opposite.  The seminar is structured in such a way that we are called to turn our "stories" into testimonies of overcoming the first thing needed to succeed in this industry and that is to know your worth internally and matching that with your external actions and choices.  They provide you with the tools and support to navigate thru the ups and downs of this whole new way of being and you also don't ride this roller coaster alone!  The people I have connected with has renewed my Faith in the existance of genuine friendships in the entertainment industry..  Chonique and Lisette are pioneering a whole new community of like minded Artists and it is based upon Love and Respect for one another! Gift yourself Creating Opportunities. Chonique and Lisette’s Elite Team will help you find your groove while enlightening your Mind, Body and Spirit!  You are worth it"!

Leslie Scott

(Choreographer and Renowned International Hip Hop teacher)

"Elite Team has been a life changing and mind opening experience for me. I have learned more about myself and career in these past 4 weeks, then I have throughout most of my adult life. The magic, support, and power of this workshop is such a cleansing tool and allows for breakthroughs in every imaginable aspect. Chonique and Lisette are beautiful women and incredible role models. I'm blessed to have been able to be apart of this whole process!"

Andye J

(Choreographer & International Hip Hop Teacher, Vocalist & Musician)

"Signing up for creating opportunities has been one of the smartest decisions I've made for myself and my dance career. Its like a kick in the ass with love! I'm focused and finally getting things done that I've been saying I've wanted to accomplish for months. Being a part of the "elite team" has re-inpsired me in an industry where I was struggling to find my place and has reminded me how much I love dance. Its easy to forget that we love what we do when we find ourselves struggling more often then enjoying. I finally feel supported, safe and powerful and it's so reassuring knowing that I have this positive network of peers and mentors to count on, and in return who can count on me. We are all good enough to be great and its vital to our well being that we recognize this fact in order to shine in our own special way. Thank you so much Lissette and Chonique for welcoming me in with open arms and creating this opportunity for me. Love you guys"!

Nicole Niestemski

(Dancer, Actress)

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