2018 is Here!

They Say 2018 is the year of the Butterfly, and for us here at Creating Opps, that definitely rings true! We’re back refreshed, remixed, and ready to help guide you as artists and dancers on how to spread your wings further, and share your cool colors with the world!

Our goal has always been about “how to help artists, dancers and choreographers find out what it is that sets them apart… and how to make that, work for them…”It’s about growth, expansion and SUCCESS.

This year we’re looking forward to sharing all of our L.A. & NYC refreshed and remixed workshops with you. We speak from experience when we say that, whatever stage of the industry you are in, (whether being brand new and figuring it out, or already working and wanting to achieve the next level), these workshops support and coach you in realizing your own personal path. As well as ways and techniques to create and polish and sustain your own Artistic voice, regardless of what is happening around you.

What does 2018 mean to you? What are you ready to begin… or remix? This year, let’s step out of your comfort zone, sharpen those tools and make this year, your ACTION year! It’s the year of the butterfly.. And it’s time for YOU, TO FLY!

Peace & Thrive

Creating Opps Fam

Stay connected with us and continue to follow our journey on our social media and our brand new site Creatingopps.com for full details on our events, workshops and 2018 calendar!

Here’s what we’re excited about:

The 4 week Elite Team Mentorship Program L.A. & NYC
The Teen Elite Program L.A. NYC
The Choreographers Experience

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